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Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

Tittle: "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!"

Summary: Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Review: Dragon Ball Super is ending & it is only 2 episode left. So it is very confusing how DB Super will end but one thing is certain it will end with a big bang & they will definitely continue after the movie break. On today's review blog post, we will talk about Dragon Ball Super 130 & what can be happened in this episode..

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Jiren will transform: In the tournament of power, we already see a lot of time jiren surprising everyone with his power & strength. On the last Dragon Ball Super Episode 129, jiren was smiling when he sees Goku power up & create a flashy black hole of energy to block & counter attack jiren. I think, Jiren is still hiding some power & he will use all of his power on the next episode..

We will see the Winner of Goku Vs Jiren: Only two episodes left in the tournament of power. If they are not planning to end Dragon Ball Super with a cliffhanger like Galactic Football Season 3, they will end the battle between Son Goku Vs Jiren on Dragon Ball Super Episode 130. If you guys, ask me about? Who will win this fight? I will answer straightforwardly, Definitely, Goku will win this fight!

If we get back to the previous Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 then we can see jiren heat up & use a very strong attack on Son Goku, he thinks it will finish Goku off!! But Goku destroy the energy blast with just his touch when he finally transforms into the complete Ultra instinct!So, this is an indication how much power Jiren hold he is no match for the complete Ultra Instincts transformation.

Goku & Jiren both can be knocked down: Their fighting has gone too far & now it looks like they are eventually matched.. I still think, Goku is far beyond Jiren at this point until jiren powers up & has some transformation what is beyond Ultra Instinct (I don't think Dragon Ball will give another transformation greater than Ultra Instinct on these two last episode)...Let's say if they are eventually matched then it is very possible when they shoot their final blow they can end up knocking each other.

Frieza Can Be shown Up: We know Frieza is still out there somewhere on the fighting stage & as this is probably the last episode of Goku fighting with jiren so we can see Frieza on the action again. It is a big flow that after Goku & Jiren intense fighting, Goku's super powerful Kamehameha what shaken the fighting stage it doesn't make any sense that injured frieza will stand up again.But we all know the writer have a plan for frieza & he can be the Turing point or surprise no one is expecting because everybody is so much focused on Goku's new form & jiren's full power.

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